Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things you’ll rarely/ never hear an architect say

Keanu Reeves in 'The Lake House'

1) I’ll be home early tonight.

2) I really should add some black clothing to my wardrobe, I wear too much color.

3) Everything is going perfectly on your project.

4) Your building is ahead of schedule and under budget.

5) This will be my second vacation this year.

6) You should listen to the contractor – he has fantastic design ideas.

7) You have way too much money budgeted for this project.

8 ) I learned everything I ever needed to know in college.

9) I didn’t spend enough time in school.

10) Designing that project was super easy, took almost no time at all.

11) I can’t believe they pay me this much for so little work.

12) I’m not much of a book reader.

13) Just cut that tree down, there are plenty of trees all over this neighborhood.

14) That’s okay, nobody will notice it besides me so you can leave it that way.

15) I’ve never been wrong but you can just add a lamp later if you think it will be dark.

16) I think I will get the eyeglasses with the silver frames, you’ll hardly notice them on my face.

17) I am going to reduce my fees since this project is so straight forward.

18) They are hiring me for my artistic abilities and don’t care how much it costs.

19) At this rate, I’ll be able to retire by the time I’m 50 years old.

20) I get to spend most of the fee actually designing the project.

21) It’s having all the groupies that makes being an architect so rewarding.

22) There should really be more codes to govern this.

23) Most Planning and Zoning Departments have really got it all figured out.

24) Which car should I drive to work today?

25) I don’t think there is enough glass block in this project – work in some more.

26) The idea of living in a house I designed sounds terrible.

27) I think we should pull in some more consultants and get their opinion.

28) Speculative development is the best because you can do whatever you want.

29) I hate talking about architecture, I work on that crap all day.

30) I don’t see ‘Zombies’ on your programming requirements.

Just for fun :D

Whatever it is, I should not forget my two main mission living in this world; as a servant of Allah and a Caliph who brings Islam to the highest place.

P/S: Not an architect yet. Still in horror that we call school.


max'*bubble said...

aku hengat amende la tadi ahahahaha
chaiyokk2 future architect ! :)

Afiqah Zulkifli said...

nampak saspen ke? hua3

aja2 future scientist! ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe~ pikah! good luck too :)

AR. Izzuddin Zakaria said...

yg len2 mybe bley ar trime pkai bg seorg arkitek tp yg 1st tu i dont believe it...

Afiqah Zulkifli said...

@cats' stalker
tenkiu muna :)

@AR. Izzuddin
kne ada mini studio kt rumah la klu gitu.

.::Ana Hafizah::. said...

wahhh...k.pikah..terbaik laahhhh....

Afiqah Zulkifli said...

minta tnjuk ajar ya sifu hafizah :)

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